Robert Woodhead sleeps on the streets to raise money for charity

Robert Woodhead sleeps rough, raising £2107 for homeless charity.

Fancy sleeping rough? Neither did we but Robert Woodhead proudly took part in this year’s Big Sleep Out, in a bid to make homelessness visible for one night.

On Friday, nine members of staff braved the snow and held their own Big Sleep Out in the company car park, raising £2107 for Framework Housing Association.

Diane Willcock, Robert Woodhead Purchasing Coordinator, said: “Throughout the experience, I kept reminding myself that it was only for one night and that I would be able to go home and have a warm bath and then jump into a nice cosy bed afterwards.”

Ang Hallam, Robert Woodhead Administrator, added: “It was a once in a lifetime experience and made me think of all the people who have to do it night after night. We had dry cardboard boxes to sleep in and a wood burner to keep us warm, some people have nothing.”

Robert Woodhead started supporting Framework in 2008 after being inspired by the charity’s hard work and success when they refurbished and extended their main offices at Bentinck Road.

“We were so impressed by the charity’s good work that we decided to train four of their Education Volunteering and Employment scheme trainees during the works,” explained Glenn Slater, Robert Woodhead Business Development Director.

Framework is Nottinghamshire’s leading homelessness charity, helping nearly 7,000 vulnerable people across the county each year.

Homelessness and the threat of homelessness affects thousands of local people every year for a wide variety of reasons, including domestic violence, family breakdown, mental health problems and unemployment. All too quickly, vulnerable people can become invisible, homeless or stranded in unsafe and insecure housing.

Robert Woodhead is currently carrying out works to extend and improve Framework’s day centre on Sherwood Street in Mansfield. The 39 week programme of works will create new training facilities and 15 self-contained flats for emergency accommodation and is expected to open in March 2011.

For more information on Framework, or to make a donation, please visit

The amount raised by staff was £1053.50 which was doubled by Robert Woodhead, totalling £2107.