Woodhead welcome BIM Champions

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is rapidly reshaping the construction industry and changing the way construction projects are carried out. As all centrally procured government projects will need to achieve Level 2 BIM by 2016 there is now a real impetus to ensure that organisations are up to speed.

Juliet Slater from construction company Woodhead is part of the empa ii BIM working group. She has taken on the task of becoming a BIM Champion for empa ii, to ensure the continual improvement of the BIM service that empa ii provides to all clients.Juliet along with her colleague Katie Stammers have completed a five month long BIM Champion Programme, delivered by the National Federation of Builders. The programme is designed to help appointed individuals become a key driver in developing and implementing a BIM strategy throughout their organisations.

Juliet (above right) and Katie (below) received their BIM certificates at a BIM Graduation and Exemplar Day at the House of Commons in February.

Juliet said: “We now have a strategic understanding of what will be expected of businesses over the coming months and years in the implementation of BIM projects.

“The good thing for us at Woodhead is that there are a lot of elements of BIM i.e. collaboration, working closely with the supply chain and using common data environments that Woodhead already do. As we presently have a lot of the good practices in place we don’t expect to be adjusting many of our processes in order to deliver successful BIM projects. We are eagerly seeking our first BIM project to get our teeth in to so we can continue to encourage partners and clients to join us in championing BIM in order to improve the way we all work.”

Katie Stammers