Woodhead school programme to benefit nearly 7,000 pupils

Woodhead is embarking on an extensive programme of improvement and refurbishment works at over 30 schools throughout Nottinghamshire.

The programme of works (funded by Nottinghamshire County Council) will impact on learning and recreational facilities at the schools, benefitting almost 7,000 pupils.

The project has been secured through the East Midlands Property Alliance (empa ii) Minor Works Framework on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council. The aim of empa, which was formed by local authorities in the East Midlands, is to improve the procurement and delivery of construction projects and property maintenance for public sector bodies saving time and money for them and in turn for council taxpayers.

Mark Maisey is Team Leader at Robert Woodhead, he said: “For some of the schools we’re working with, it’s about upgrading the facilities that are already in place and ensuring the buildings can provide a safe and secure environment for both the staff and pupils. For others we are adapting or extending buildings to enable the school to deliver new or improved programmes for their pupils. In either case the fact we are able to get involved from such an early point in each project means we can plan and deliver the most efficient programme.”

“We work closely with each school to schedule works in order to minimise the impact on the staff and students. We will also be holding assemblies and talks for pupils which are tailored to the age group to engage them in the process and make sure they are aware of site safety.”

East Markham Primary School in Newark is a Grade II listed building which dates back to 1877. The building was in need of refurbishment which has just been completed within the programme.

The internal works included the raising of suspended ceilings in several classrooms in order to let in more light. Additionally electrical works, damp proofing, fire alarms and decorations have all been carried out. Minor external works have included roof tiling and drainage repairs.

Site Manager for Robert Woodhead, Dave Turner (Pictured), has developed a good working relationship with the school and accompanied them on a recent trip to the nearby National Holocaust Centre and Museum. At the summer fete, pupils took the opportunity to thank Dave for all his efforts to improve the school, which involved a thorough soaking in the stocks!

One of the key elements in the success of the programme delivery is the early involvement, close collaboration and design development between the contractors Woodhead and Nottinghamshire County Council. The collaboration will deliver exceptional facilities across the schools and has been made possible through using the empa ii Minor Works Framework.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s in-house Property Group (based at Trent Bridge House) has designed much of these essential works in partnership with consultants from Faithful and Gould. This multi-disciplinary unit has a team of award winning designers, mechanical, electrical and structural engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers, who have commissioned this extensive programme of works via the empa framework.

John Brannan, Team Manager of the procurement team within the Property Group, said: “We work with our partner framework contractors to obtain best value for the tax payer. We ensure costs are driven down and our customers have a defect-free product, delivered on time to the highest safety standards. Our customer feedback is excellent and we work really hard to ensure the customer experience is as hassle free as possible”

Head of empa, Alan Coole said: “Helping schools save time and money during essential construction and refurbishment projects is just one of the areas where empa helps to improve public-sector spending. Not only that, but the work completed through the empa framework has a positive impact on communities, Woodhead’s current project being just one example as almost 7,000 children will benefit from the results.”

The schools programme is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

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