Woodhead Heritage sponsors the Heritage Skills HUB

Supporting Heritage Skills and Crafts in the East Midlands

Woodhead Heritage is the award winning specialist conservation division of Robert Woodhead Limited who have made a company-wide commitment to support the heritage skills sector. They have agreed to sponsor the monthly networking meetings of the Heritage Skills HUB. The Heritage Skills HUB Network will provide more valuable opportunities for the Heritage Skills HUB to raise awareness of the importance of traditional building skills in the care, repair, maintenance and development of old buildings.

Cathie Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of the Heritage Skills HUB stated, “We are very excited to have Robert Woodhead’s support for the network meetings. We are hoping to welcome at least 20 individuals from local businesses involved with the traditional buildings at each event, with a long term aim to create a permanent network to provide continuous support, information and business development opportunities.”

The meetings will provide a platform for the presentation of information and guidance on a range of subjects relevant to skills, training, policies, funding opportunities, low carbon and retrofit activities as well as other matters relating to historic buildings. As part of meetings, there will be short seminars from guest speakers who will be experts in their profession or craft, whilst the meetings will provide the opportunity for collaboration and business development between craftspeople, professionals, contractors and sub-contractors through free networking time.

Simon Butler, head of the Woodhead Heritage team comments, “We believe it is important to be an active participant in the heritage and conservation community. The sponsoring of the Heritage Skills HUB Network shows just how serious we are about the sector and the part we want to play within it.”

Woodhead Heritage is fully committed to the Heritage and Conservation sector and is currently working on a number of Heritage projects including conservation projects such as Lincoln Castle, Newark Castle and various consultation projects to preserve and protect scheduled monuments across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

To find out how to join the Heritage Skills HUB, and support their valuable work, please visit their website, http://www.heritageskillsHUB.org/news/members-membership/

About Heritage Skills HUB

Heritage Skills HUB is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, set up to promote and support Traditional Building Skills to all those who care for traditional ( i.e. old!) buildings with a focus on the English Midlands.  We do this by; raising awareness of the importance of traditional building skills and materials for the care, repair, maintenance and development of old buildings, providing consultancy services through pro-active collaborative partnerships with craftspeople, professionals and contractors, identifying and filling gaps in skills training and assisting with career progression, providing support to mainstream construction training providers to extend their curriculum and supporting skills training requirements to meet the needs of retrofit for traditional buildings.

Website: www.heritageskillshub.org 

Twitter: @HeritageHUB

Facebook: www.facebook.com/heritageskillshub


Richard Jordan – Jordan Heritage Roofing

Immages supplied by: Robin Brittain Photography for the Heritage Skills HUB