Woodhead Group – A company to inspire Britain

Woodhead have been named in the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain report.

In this new report, the authors highlight 1,000 of the fastest-growing SMEs up and down the country. Their selection criteria require companies to have shown not just growing revenue over the past four years, but also to have outperformed their sector peers.

Our unique methodology, devised by DueDil (itself a leading high-growth technology SME), reveals once again a community of UK businesses richer and more varied than we believe ever identified in any other exercise of this type.

David Woodhead, Managing Director said:

“Being recognised as one of the UK’s most inspiring companies is a real accolade for us.

It’s key to us that as we grow, we still remain committed to our values which we have built our business on. We want to ensure our growth remains effective, profitable and sustainable, focusing on outcomes, operational excellence and creating a better experience for all.”

The Authors commented that the consequence of growth is apparent nationwide. Not just from more, higher quality jobs but in higher tax receipts, helping to fund public services and infrastructure spending. The success of our high growth businesses is tangibly and inextricably tied to the success of the country.

Take a look back at 2015, a year which helped to secure our place in the report: