Sub zero temperatures for the eighth annual Mansfield Big Snore

Continuing Robert Woodhead’s ongoing support of Framework…

Continuing Robert Woodhead’s ongoing support of Framework, Glenn Slater, Business Development Director at Robert Woodhead braved sub zero temperatures with 68 other volunteers on Friday 3 February to help raise a massive £15,000 for the homelessness charity.

The sleep-out took place outside St Mark’s Church, on Nottingham Road, with cardboard boxes on the floor, tarpaulins, sleeping bags and layers of winter clothing to protect them from temperatures as low as –8 degrees.

Pictured with Roofus, Glenn Slater commented, “I wanted to help Framework with the sleep-out. It’s my third time for the charity and this was definitely the coldest, just feel fortunate that I was volunteering and only had to do it for one night. The atmosphere at the event was excellent and the breakfast in the morning was perfect in aiding recovery.”

Continuing Glenn confirmed, “It’s great to hear how much was raised at the sleep-out. It makes the £30,000 fund raising target a real possibility. Robert Woodhead will continue to support Framework and we look forward to the next fundraising event.”