National Apprenticeship Week Round Up

National Apprenticeship week saw a variety of activities taking place for hopeful future apprentices’ across different schools and colleges in which Woodhead Group attended. The events were put in place in order to help students become more knowledgeable of the impacts an Apprenticeship can have on their future careers.

Woodhead Group offers an Apprentice Scheme, which has been proven to be highly beneficial.

Technical Apprentices, James made a visit to a Careers Fair held at Newark Academy alongside Matt Stone, Quantity Surveyor to share his experiences and inspire others.

James has been a Technical Apprentice at Woodhead Group for 2 years. He shared his experience so far,

“Since becoming an Apprentice I have been able to learn and progress much faster than I ever anticipated I could, partly due to the individuals I have had the opportunity to work with whilst being at Woodhead’s. I wasn’t sure what to pursue in terms of career I can confidentially say I have found something I enjoy.”

Harvey, who also started his Technical Apprenticeship with the Group in 2018 said,

“From joining Woodhead’s I have learnt more than I ever thought possible in such a short space of time, they have given me so many opportunity’s and helped me develop many new skills as well existing. More than anything they have helped me understand what I would like to do in the future.”

As well as participating in the Careers Fair, Matt Bust, Business Services Manager, helped to deliver a fantastic event at the Leicester Employment Hub, hosted by Leicester City Council.

On Thursday, Matt Bust made another visit to an Aspirations Day at Rufford Primary School. It was great to see the children getting involved by dressing up as their aspired future career role.

Finally on Friday, students at Stephenson’s College took part in a Mock Interview Day. Matt also attended this event and helped showcase the process by interviewing the students.

We hope to take part in more events throughout the year which encourage and educate people about the wide variety of apprenticeship schemes available.