Local Site Manager Building on B@Home Framework

Woodhead Living is committed to supporting local businesses and offering opportunities for jobs and training to local people. But it’s the Rogers Avenue site manager, Bob Chadwick, who represents a true local focus, being a life-long Creswell resident, and living just a few hundred yards from site.

Born and raised in Creswell, 58-year-old Bob, was delighted when he heard about the opportunity to work just a stone’s throw from his front door on the B@Home Framework.

“I’ve been working in construction my whole life, but it’s about 25 years since I last worked in Creswell, when I helped extend the local doctors’ surgery. Being just walking distance away has been fantastic, in fact I realised the other day that I haven’t put diesel in my Woodhead van since November and were in February now!”

Being a local lad has already proven to be highly beneficial for Bob, when it comes to working in the local community.

“My wife and I have both lived in Creswell our whole lives, but I’ve often worked outside of the village, whereas my wife works at the local infant and nursery school. When I mention her, people usually say she looked after my son, daughter or grandchild and I think this gives a connection to the local community and helps when keeping in touch with our site neighbours. Through her I seem to have something in common with most people around here and that really helps when you’re keeping in touch with local people, in particular when we’re dealing with more disruptive points in the build.

“This is a fantastic local community and I’m delighted to be working in it. Everyone has so far been incredibly understanding and supportive of the work we’re doing, I very much look forward to completing these fantastic new homes and seeing new tenants move in.”

Site Manage: Bob Chadwick, Pictured