Lincoln Castle A Poetical Preservation

Lincoln Castle

Preservation of a Lady 

Our Poet In Residence at Lincoln Castle “Jools” has produced the latest installment in the poetical series after visiting site and meeting the local stone masons.  Enjoy!

William’s conquering masterpiece requiring late renovation

Shakespeare’s expertise guiding surgical knife

Modestly draped concealment of skilled, steady progression

Exoskeletol protection, stone prosthetics, applied time

Fourteen attentive surgeons committed to enhancing history

Stonemasons labour length of battlements, discretely unseen

A lady’s privacy, king’s legacy, carefully guarded

Final, unveiled completion in two thousand and fifteen

Quarried replacement tested for resonating weakness

Tapping for clarity, pure eloquent sound of a bell

Earth’s treasure uncovered, a newborn’s soft resistance

Finding strength, aging quickly, immaturity’s tears dispelled

To be or not to be replaced, ashlar, walling stone, lime mortar

Chopped out with precision, dust relieved, moistly prepared

Ten percent of walls exhibiting suffering from eleventh century time line

Prove to future generations, twenty first century conscience cared

Battlement topping merlons, iconic crenellations, revisited

Youth blending seamlessly, disappearing over time

Eroded stringcourse replaced, redirects infiltrating rainfall

Lead capped, York stone shields circumnavigating spine

Pudlock holes, corrosive residue of medieval scaffolding

Allow habitation’s germination, as erosion burns

Roots circulating, grow veins of internal destruction

Removed and life taken, before integrity, rudely spurned

Lime mortar of specific science, three degrees and rising

Carbonating slowly, bonds, securely repaired

Hessian and polythene protecting, nurturing development

Castle’s defensive barrier, historic work of art, spared

Stainless steel handrails link modern living to tradition

Extending access to views of Lincolnshire, over greater beyond

Upon battlements, following elevation less travelled

Medieval walkway restored, within renovations planned

Towers of observation and Lucy, fractured until springtime

Without grace, emerging triumphant from intensive care

Each expensive need tended, each operation surrendered

Allowing terminal decay naturally, simply, too much to bare

‘A Winter’s Tale’ of slowed progress, of elemental impact

‘Love’s Labours Lost’ temporarily, beneath falling snow

‘Measure for Measure’, lime mortar’s ratio must prove perfect

Labour of love, blood, sweat and tears over stone

* ‘Those hours that with gentle work did frame

The lovely gaze where every eye doth dwell’

This lady, resolute, of decreasing defect

Admire the romance, brave, violent stories, she could tell


* William Shakespeare (sonnet V)

Assisting information :  Heath Shakespeare – Senior stonemason