Introducing Ranbir our new Business Development & Bid Manager

We sat down with Ranbir to find out a bit more about herself and her background, before she joined us here at Robert Woodhead Ltd…

“I was born and bred in Derby, although I still manage to get lost… I am a mother of two children I like to refer to as my house mates, one of whom regularly has a chat with Alexa (as he thinks she is real). I am now a massive fan of Marvel, thanks to my ‘house mates’ and my favourite character is Thor. My love for reading was proven through lockdown as I conquered 14 books all about crime, thrillers and mystery. I love cooking savoury delights and testing them on people; Woodhead Group are yet to be victims of my experiments… I am a social butterfly, love to interact and look forward to getting to know people within the company.”

We are delighted to welcome Ranbir to Robert Woodhead Ltd, as our new Business Development & Bid Manager. Our Chief Visionary Officer, Glenn Slater commented,

“It is fantastic to have someone on board with such outstanding experience and knowledge within the industry. We are excited to start working alongside Ranbir as her enthusiasm and dedication has immediately become apparent.”

From a young age, before the 48-hour work time directive, Ranbir would walk 6 miles to work before commencing her job at 3am. This was a ‘valuable lesson’ for her and paid for her education and career. Her work ethic and determination clearly grew from taking part in this role as she then went on to create a stack of qualifications…

Celebrations were in order as Ranbir successfully achieved an Undergrad and a Master’s Degree in Regeneration, both at Sheffield Hallam University. This then led to being involved in local authority work, extending her skills surrounding physical regeneration, economic development and improving operations, whilst planning and designing.

Going forward, a different route was taken as Ranbir joined the Government Office East Midlands, adding the private sector to her portfolio of experience. Talking of experiences… a personal achievement of Ranbir’s is completing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, in aid of the British Heart Foundation. 26 miles in 12 hours. A major success highlighting her determination in all aspects of life. Her time at the Government Office included achieving an overall goal of improving communities. Increasing employment spaces, approving grants and developing social value aspects, all resulted in much more than just construction, more importantly a positive end result for the community was reached.

Ranbir previously worked for Interserve Construction Ltd and J Tomlinson’s as the Bid Manager, before taking the next step in her new role here at Robert Woodhead Ltd. Our values, our game plan and ‘one team’ approach, is what stands out for Ranbir. The recognition that everyone has a voice, and allowing each individuals’ skill set to grow within their role, is a substantial element as to why she is excited to be a part of the Group. She highlighted how everyone has the desire to excel in what they do, whilst all working in the same direction.

“There is a family feeling. I’ve spent 3 weeks here, my skill set feels valued and everyone has made me feel so welcome.”

It was fantastic to find that Ranbir is most excited about working within our values and making them more known throughout the East and West Midlands. This includes enhancing sustainability within our projects, going above and beyond the traditional procurement process, and delivering what is important for our clients.

A unique aspect of the Business Development & Bid Manager role at Robert Woodhead Ltd, is maintaining the balance between building and enhancing our relationships with trusted partners and showcasing our previous success stories. Ranbir believes that there is sufficient value in doing both in one role. She will be working on her personal skill set to ensure we maintain early engagement, our services are tailored to clients, our client’s aspirations are realised and most importantly, “getting it right the first time.”

To add to her selection of personal ambitions, Ranbir would like to create a clear recognition for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) in the construction industry, becoming an ambassador and making this concept more prevalent. This ambition relates to her familiarity when comparing herself to the Disney character, Mulan. “A strong minded woman, full of resilience, always finding a way to make something possible.”

It is a pleasure to have Ranbir on board, and a pleasure to know “It was the best move I have made.”