Heritage Skills Centre The Next Poem

Come and see the Skills Centre over the next weekend of 29th 30th September…

Ahead of the 1,000 Years of Traditional Craft event at Lincoln castle Jools Robert Woodhead’s poet in residence at the Castle has written her latest instalment– Close To Completion

You remain barricaded, protected, demanding no entry

With permission, I am privileged to witness your growth

Evolving, with consideration, to almost completion

Awaiting historic, future, trained skill to unfold

Lincoln Crown Court, in session, dutifully presiding

Keeping construction quiet for criminal calm

Woodhead’s teamwork, craftsmanship and innovation

Ensuring Considerate Construction brings relationships no harm

A team-building buffet lunch brought all corners together

Construction workers, castle staff and court of law

All would work valiantly, for history, together

Creating practical monument, as never before

Money raised on this journey for our vital Air Ambulance

Funding for this working attraction, gratefully secured

Lincolnshire County Council, East Midlands Development

The European Regional Development Fund

Rob Green, award-winning architect of conservational colour

Peter Winson, site manager with a wall of awards

Past and present nominations for accomplished excellence

Dedicated to achievement of essential points scored

Sympathetic to historic, commanding environment

Minimal south facing studio heating and glass

Illuminated generously by north facing reflection

Thick walled heat exchange system, achieving high thermal mass

A lawned roof, subservient, to further eco-friendliness

State of the art lime and hemp panels and dry stonewalls

Glulam beams, layered wood for support of load-baring pressure

Second fix at the point where decorators will be called

Three weeks from this moment, this interior will be shining

Scaffolding, toolboxes, exposed wiring, gone

Machines in place as specialized workshops reach completion

Bringing craftsmen to the centre of where they belong

External landscaping will be ready, no problem

By a dedicated, hard-hatted team of friendly smiles

But not a single skip has, or will leave this building site

Only burning, reclamation and recycling piles

Skills will migrate from Cathedral workshops to Heritage Centre

Master craftsman and apprentice, working side by side

People will come to observe essential skills, not dying

Required at churches and cathedrals, far and wide