Cross Street Code 5 Development Receives Plenty of Young Visitors!

When you’re building to Code for Sustainable Homes Code 5* you can expect a great deal of interest from students as well as the construction industry in general.

At Cross Street in Gainsborough, Robert Woodhead Ltd is constructing new, sustainable, affordable homes to Code 5. Recent visitors to the site, in just one week, have included:

  • 12 apprentice joiners came from Gainsborough College
  • Seven apprentice bricklayers from Gainsborough College
  • Three young architects from Lincoln University

Bob Chadwick, Robert Woodhead’s Site Supervisor commented, “The visits were enjoyed by all, the joiners enjoyed a second site visit to tie in with second fixing for their course work and the architects want to come again too.”

Robert Woodhead Ltd is committed to engaging with the local community and regularly involves students in activities such as site visits and hands on activity days.  One initiative, the apprentice for the day scheme, enabled 12 students to practise and improve their skills in a heritage skills workshop at Kelham Hall.

As part of the visit, Alistair Taylor and Michael Broadhurst, both Project Co-ordinators from Robert Woodhead spoke in depth about the project. Michael completed all the research and also compiled the information for submission needed for Code 5.

The levels of energy efficiency for the code (standard percentage better than Part L1A of the 2006 Building Regulations) are:
  • level 1 – 10%
  • level 2 – 18%
  • level 3 – 25%
  • level 4 – 44%
  • level 5 – 100%
  • level 6 – zero carbon.

For more information on this prestigious development please view our

our Cross Street videos.