Bright idea to boost site

A team of Junior Wardens joined Derby Homes, Woodhead and OSCAR to decorate the hoardings with Site Artwork on Victory Road in Osmaston.

Woodhead Living, the specialist sustainability team of construction contractors Woodhead who were commissioned by Derby Homes through procurement consortium, Efficiency East Midlands, earlier this year to build five new properties on a Victory Road site, where two homes had been demolished.

Since breaking ground at the end of May, the team has been working closely with Derby Homes and OSCAR (Osmaston Community Association of Residents) to involve members of the community in the regeneration of the site.

As part of its commitment, Woodhead has, for the first time asked its sub contractors and partners to sponsor the newly decorated hoarding panels that surround the site, in order to raise money for the local community.

Those working with Woodhead on the four 2 bedroom houses and one bedroom flat will pay £5 per hoarding panel, for every week the site is operating. Contributors include:

– Derby Homes

– Robert Woodhead Ltd

– Jewsons

– Champion Hire

– Efficiency East Midlands

– Site Operatives.

At the end of the scheme in early 2015 the money raised will be donated to the Osmaston community to re-invest in the area.

Woodhead’s site manager, Paul Pygall, has asked the Derby Homes Junior Wardens to come along and decorate the site hoardings with images and messages to promote road safety, recycling and safety around building sites.

It comes as the site’s second visit from the Considerate Constructors’ Scheme (CCS) yielded an exceptional score of 43 out of 50. This is the best score Woodhead has ever achieved.

The auditor said: “A very nice and thoughtfully set up site. The site area itself looks commendably neat and tidy. Extraordinary efforts have gone into community relations here. The client must be very pleased with the way this company and site manager are going about things. Care and thought seems to be given to everything at every stage…a very nice site, engaging well with the local community. Well done.”

Paul said: “It’s really important that when we’re working within a community, we are operating as part of that community and involving local people as much as we can.

“Site hoardings are normally pretty boring, and we thought it would be nice for local young people to use the expanse of space here to promote important messages using their own creative skills.

“It has made the hoardings look brighter for those living nearby and put a smile on our faces when we get to work every morning.”

Members of OSCAR hope to use the money raised to enable them to take more children on their annual seaside camping trip.

Leigh Alcock, Chair of OSCAR, said: “It’s great to have the children and young people involved in the project.

“I look forward to seeing the bright and colourful images our junior community leaders create and thank Woodhead and its partners for their innovative fundraising for our local children and young people.”

Shaun Bennett, Director of Investment and Regeneration at Derby Homes, said: “There is a huge amount of construction and regeneration in Osmaston at the minute. Together with OSCAR and the council we are making huge strides to transform the estate, providing warm, secure and efficient homes, to meet the needs of the local community.

“I hope local people and visitors to the site take heed of the important messages the Derby Homes Junior Wardens have including in their artwork.”

Pictured Paul Pygall, Site Manager with Junior Wardens