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8×8 application details

The 8×8 desktop & mobile application is now available for all tenants.

The desktop app can be installed on MAC or Windows 8 and above PCs & Laptops, allowing tenants to use their PC/Laptops as an alternative to the desk phones provided on the initial rollout.

The mobile app is available on iOS & Android devices, so you can now take your desk phone number with you wherever your mobile phone goes!

For tenants interested in either of these apps we’ll need some information from you to enable your numbers for app use, please fill in the below contact form with required information and we’ll be in touch with the relevant details to help you setup the account:

[contact-form-7 id=”16366″ title=”8×8 App Signup”]

Once we have the required information we will enable your account and trigger an automated email which will look like the below:

In this email you will find:
• Your username (required for login)
• Password link (click this then set your unique password)
• Links to app relevant for your device

Once a password is created and relevant app for your device has been downloaded & installed please enter the username and password and then enjoy the app!

For advice on how to run the app after login, please refer to our FAQ below, or the 8×8 academy for even more tips.

8×8 FAQs, click on a question below to reveal the answer

  • Do I still need to press 9 to dial externally?

    No! The 9 was required at the beginning of each external call on the old system but not on 8×8 so simply dial the number you require.

  • How do I make a call?

    Handset: Lift the handset and dial the required number – for internal extension, enter the 4 digit number then press send, external numbers will dial automatically once you have put the full number in.

    Headset/Earpiece (Computer/Mobile): Select “Calls” from the menu at the bottom, Tap the dialler icon (blue icon with 9 white dots), enter the desired number and press the green call button.

  • How do I transfer a call?

    Handset: For a blind transfer: (sends the call from your handset to your desired number without you announcing the call)
    When on a call press the transfer button on the left hand side or the button below “transfer” on the screen, once you’ve done this it will put the call on hold, now press the button below “Blind” on the screen and enter the number you wish to transfer to, once done the call will leave your device.

    For a Consultative transfer: (sends the call from your handset to your desired number with you announcing the call to the other person)
    When on a call press the transfer button on the left hand side or the button below “transfer” on the screen, once you’ve done this it will put the call on hold, now enter the desired number to transfer the call to and wait for answer, when they do, announce the call and you’re free to end the call on your handset.

    Headset/Earpiece (Computer/Mobile): Once on a call, press the 3 dots and select transfer, if you’re transferring internally, search for the contact and choose from one of the three options: the 1st is Consultative or “Warm” transfer so you can announce the call, the 2nd is “Direct” transfer so you can forward the call straight to the contact & the 3rd is transferring directly to someone’s voicemail so they can leave a message. If you’re transferring to an external number only the first 2 options will show, so select which you feel relevant.

    Mobile App: Once on a call, simply select “Transfer call” from the options shown and either search for the internal contact or enter the number via the dialler and click call, this will send the call to them.

  • How do I put a call on hold?

    Handset: There are 2 ways to do this, Either press the “Hold” button at the bottom left of the phone, to resume the call press the same button OR on the menu at the bottom of the screen there is a hold option, press that button, then press the same button to resume the call.

    Headset/Earpiece (Computer/Mobile): When on a call, press the “more” option (shown as 3 white dots) and press “Hold” – to take the call off Hold, press the same button or if you’ve navigated back to the main call screen press the “Resume” icon in the middle of the screen.

  • How do I put the call on speakerphone?

    Handset: If you’re already on a call & want to put it on speaker, press the speaker button on the right hand side of the phone (above the mute button), once this is done the speaker button will light up in green indicating you’re using the speaker – you can now put the handset down without hanging up the call. Should you wish to go back to using the handset, simply pick it up and it will turn speaker off.

    Mobile App: When on a call click the “Audio” option, this will then be highlighted and the text changes to “Speaker” to change it back, press the same option, labelled as “Speaker”.

  • How do I change the volume?

    Handset: To change call volume, press (located at the bottom of the phone) during a call. To change the ringer volume, press when the phone is idle or ringing.

    Headset/Earpiece (Computer/Mobile): The volume on these is controlled by the volume of the device itself, so if using a phone, simply turn your phone volume up, if using a softphone either turn up the volume on the headset or via the sound options located on the taskbar.

  • How do I access my voicemails?

    Handset: When you receive a voicemail the light on the top right of the phone will flash red, click the messages icon on the left hand side of the phone to bring up a view of your voicemails (alternatively Dial 555 the go straight to voicemails), then click “Connect” and enter your PIN number when prompted (alternatively Dial 555 the go straight to voicemails). If you are asked for a PIN number and haven’t set it yet, the default is 445566.

    Headset/Earpiece (Computer/Mobile): Click the calls icon and select the “Voicemails” option at the top. Click the play icon to listen, for more options tap on the voicemail to expand it. (On softphone select the 3 dots).

  • How do I mute my microphone when on a call? (this means they can’t hear you speak but doesn’t put them on hold)

    Handset: When on a call, press the mute button at the bottom right of the phone, once done, the button with light up in red to confirm its still muted – to turn mute off, press the same button until the light goes off.

    Headset/Earpiece (Computer/Mobile): When on a call, select the “Mute” option, this will then be highlighted and say “You are muted” at the top of the screen. To unmute, tap the same option.

  • Can I add someone else to the call?

    Handset: Yes! When on a call, Click the button below the “More” option located at the bottom right of the screen then select the “Confrnc” option located at the bottom left of the screen and dial the required number, when you do this, the previous call will be placed on hold – to create the conference call (by merging the call that’s on hold and the new call together) press the button below “More” then the button below “Confrnc” – Now all 3 participants should be able to communicate.

    Headset/Earpiece (Computer/Mobile): Yes! When on a call select the “Add” option then either select the contact and click the + symbol or use the dialler to add an external number. Once the new call has answered the previous call gets put on hold, select the “Merge” option to create the conference call so all 3 can communicate together.

  • How do I restart my deskphone?

    Option 1: Simply remove the Ethernet cable plugged into the back of the phone, this cable also provides power so when removed it will power off the phone, to switch back on simply reinsert the cable into the same port you removed from, then the phone will begin to boot back up and in a few minutes return to working order.

    Option 2: On the dial pad press and hold number 0, 1 & 3 for 3 seconds until the screen shows “Reboot Initiated” this will start the process of rebooting the phone and once its finished the phone will return to normal working order.

  • Can I take a call on one device then transfer it to another of my devices?

    Yes! 8×8 has an amazing feature called “Call Flip”, where you can transfer your call to another one of your devices without disconnecting! To do this, simply dial *88 from another of your devices whilst on a call and the call will go to that device instead without the other person even knowing!

  • I’m fully up to speed with the basics, how can I get more out of the 8×8 system?

    These FAQs are intended to be a quick start guide for the basics of the 8×8 system. If you’re a more advanced user or you’re fully familiar with the basics and would like to learn more about what the 8×8 system can do, click here to visit the official 8×8 training academy

  • I’ve downloaded and installed the 8×8 Virtual Office Desktop app, how do I use it?

    Click here to read our guide

  • What Headset can I use for 8×8 Virtual Office Desktop?

    A list of compatible headsets can be found at https://www.8×8.com/uk/communications-solutions/equipment/accessories/headsets other headsets not on this list may be used but may not be fully compatible. Our suggestions from this list would be either the Voyager 5200 UC or Blackwire C3215.

  • I’ve downloaded and installed the 8×8 Virtual Office Mobile Android app, how do I use it?

    Click here to read our guide

  • I’ve downloaded and installed the 8×8 Virtual Office Mobile iPhone app, how do I use it?

    Click here to read our guide

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