Our Values

Our values drive everything we do and how we do it

Ever since Robert (Bob) Woodhead took over the family joinery workshop from his Uncle Ernest in 1946 strong values have been at the heart of the way Woodhead do business.


  • We find ways to motivate those around us
  • We show commitment to working together as a team
  • We give our support and encouragement to others


  • We commit to not letting people down
  • We take responsibility for understanding our role
  • We are prepared to initiate action where it is needed rather than waiting for others


  • We work with transparency and honesty
  • We create a climate of openness with all the people we work with
  • We are honest about our strengths and areas for improvement


  • We gain the respect of others by earning it rather than demanding it
  • We respect each other’s knowledge, abilities and values
  • We show respect to colleagues through punctuality


  • We have trust and faith in others and strive to earn their trust and faith
  • We remember that trust is painstakingly built and quickly destroyed
  • We acknowledge that trust is the foundation of our future success